Up and coming Barcelona based synth pop artist That Girl With Dark Eyes seeks inspiration from a healthy spectrum of musical styles, ranging from funk at it’s jazziest to pure thoroughbred synth pop, all of which we have enjoyed on tap already via TGWDE previous releases “Lonely As A Wolf” and “Hey Baby”.

Not one to be out of the loop for long be it performance or release wise, That Girl With Dark Eyes, has a super new single out already called “Balloon” which is firing all cylinders with poignant synth pop fuel behind it.

This time out TGWDE takes on melodic synth pop full throttle whereby, Tiffany surrounds her velveteen draped vocals with a knowing stroke of pop princess glamour, which is channelled influentially from the ethereally uplifting soundscape that similarly made up the soundtrack to the neo-noir crime thrilling blockbuster movie “Drive”.

Electro-heads take it for a spin below, as we feel you’ll rather like this one quite a bit!