Prince Rama

Photo by Shawn LaChapelle

What could be considered a retro quirkier find, than two sisters who own big hair and come with their current spirit song firmly stuck in the 80’s!

Yes, well I am given to believe that the Larson sibling duo, stage name christened Prince Rama, have been established in their psyche pop tricks for longer than most girl bands tend to exist. When you look at them, mirroring an image that’s rather like a ninja version of Bananarama, you simply know that the playing field here is going to be anything but set in a standard pop landscape.

The duo’s back catalogue is so extensive I can’t even begin to wade in deep within it. Let’s just say it’s piled high with eccentricity shaded from way out there evolving into nu-retro quirky.

What is made clear, these ladies like nothing more than a concept to grapple onto. As such, this album release “Xtreme Now” has its theme set around extreme sports as seen through a kaleidoscope of high octane electronic pop served fit for a thrill seeking adrenaline junkie. Whilst, cited as being the most extreme album Prince Rama have ever made.

Make of all that as you will, but I can tell you, as the giddy neon lights full beam down a retro boogie land titled “Bahia” referencing a tonne of 80’s samples thrown in. It is both a little dizzying but also deliciously played. Whereby as the wind blows, it catches you quite off guard into curiously rather becoming carried away into it’s kooky analogue pop hook clutches.

Press play, you’ll see what I mean. I think it’s actually rather jolly unconventional fun with or without beer goggles. It’s your choosing.