Girl Friend 1

In the short time since I’ve so much been aware of them, you’ll have probably noticed I’ve in some way adopted Manchester indietronica outfit Girl Friend as one of my personal favourite new bands.

It is much the case, to my mind that the touch of glam inducted retro pop in which Girl Friend have introduced their debut EP, along with the dramatic and elegant hue from which front man Amory’s vocal lends is the sum of all of which has me ultimately endeared with them and digging on their sound.

So with all of the above in mind, you can imagine just how much I’m having to reign in the whooping fan-girl to that of constructive reviewer now that Girl Friend have a new single out to share.

The actual single in question “Arrive Alone, Leave Alone” is tinged with the familiar bittersweet context which has run through the debut EP of the same name, complete and as the title suggests Siblings, Amory and Eleanor sing of a night out which is conducted strictly on their own terms, of self-gratified pleasure. So yeah, basically it’s saying just because everyone around them might be going out on the pull, it doesn’t so massively mean that if they’re not so much in that frame of mind at this juncture, and that they’ve just gone out for a drink in a social atmosphere, oddly enough.

Taking more from that preface, “Arrive Alone, Leave Alone”, isn’t so much the sad pop tune as it might at first be thought! It’s plainly a decadent indie disco night with hypnotic beats, glistening synths and debonair vocals all neatly leading their way out into the resulting nonchalant coolness of the evening air.

This is the bit where you press play to listen to it……..