L.A. based electronic pop trio Superhumanoids have just released a rather hypnotic track by way of “Anxious In Venice” which comes in introduction to their upcoming sophomore album “Do You Feel OK?”.

Not being everso familiar with the band, a quick gaze into their past music history revealed a sound by and largely propelled by dreamy experimental pop interspersed by organic electronic flourishes whilst making best use of the whispery cooing like harmonious vocal allure of which Superhumanoid Sarah Chernoff wafts over the in some ways abstract almost indie fed electronic framework.

All of the above formed together to provide a debut album of slick retro calling in the main and in turn brought to a light a band to whom experimentation with electronic sound is paramount to their natural organic instinct.

In the space between debut and sophomore albums, Superhumanoids snuck out on some support dates alongside Erasure on the North American leg of the bands recent “Violet Flame” Tour.

Upon returning back to the studio to finish up new material, the band felt it prudent to begin changing up their sound a touch and with the first impression revealed in the slinky looping new-wave seared electronic pop of “Anxious In Venice” they have fully caught my attention. This track is quite coming at me like a lovechild spawned of what it would amount to if Kylie ever saw her way to collaborate with Depeche Mode. NOT something you’d possibly ever readily consider as a happening thing but if the results brought anything in likeness to “Anxious In Venice” I’d be keen for it to happen.

And this is why I quite find “Anxious In Venice”. Mysterious. Hypnotic and all the more lovely for it.