AtrakMany of us have been consumed in the world of idol worship. Whether it is a celebrity or someone you love dearly, it takes a lot to realize that those idols are mortal like you and I. This is the story depicted in the new single “We All Fall Down” by A-Trak ft. Jamie Lidell

I caught wind of A-Trak awhile back whilst looking into things about the band Chromeo. The uber talented A-Trak is the younger brother of Chromeo front man Dave-1. I guess funky beats just flows through their family genes…

We all Fall Down” is a fiercely soulful track with a great piano driven melody that puts into perspective that as human beings we are not immortal. With Jamie Lidell’s soulful tone in his voice met with heavy electronic melody highlights that emotion of being slightly broken when one comes to terms that people aren’t perfect, we all fall eventually. There are a lot of soulful voices lately (I.E. Sam Smith) hooking up with these electronic acts and it is quite refreshing. This gives those who may not venture into the soul section or the EDM section of the record store a second thought.

Back into the song, The bridge gives great chills the beat fades out and really lets Lidell’s vocal prowess shine. Giving an almost a feel of relief in his voice that he was able to break out of the trap of false perception of his idol.

At the very end of the song there is a great little drumming breakdown that reminds me of a hip hop track from the early 80s. I may not have been alive then, but I give massive respect for those who highlight the sounds that come before them. Overall, “We All Fall Down” is a track that may not even fit into one solitary genre. It makes you dance, it makes you think, and it makes you feel ALIVE. If that’s not good music; I don’t know what is.