The Postal Service only released one album before calling it quits in 2005. Now, 10 years since their first release the electronic duo returns with a deluxe re-release of their popular record, “Give Up.” Along with Jenny Lewis the electropop dream team will also embark on a tour that stops at popular music festivals Coachella and Sasquatch this spring. Just when you thought the news couldn’t get any better, the band released a new unexpected single, “A Tattered Line of String.” One of the most highly anticipated albums in indie-pop music will feature 2 unreleased songs, previously released remixes and the original versions of popular indie songs the band has covered. You also reconnect with the album that started it all.

“A Tattered Line of String” picks up just where the band left off. The upbeat record features pre-hipster cool production by Jimmy Tamborello and storytelling lyrics by Ben Gibbard. Like always, you never have to worry about an overproduced song by The Postal Service. In this new single the busy musicians hold on to the signature sound fans love. It features rightfully placed key changes and just the perfect amount of electronic sounds that keep your attention focused on the melody. Jenny Lewis holds down the backing vocals adding a cool touch to this hot record.

The band will hit the road on April 9th. “Give Up: The Deluxe 10th Anniversary Edition” arrives the same week.