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This is an interesting turn of events from Little Boots. Firstly, out of nowhere, we learn that a third album is scheduled for next year and along with that exciting snippet of news, conjunctly rolls in a tasty oversight upon Little Boot’s next chosen musical direction, through announcing the upcoming release of the “Business Pleasure” EP

If all is what it seems from listening to the newly revealed track “Taste It”, the former projected to be electro-pop Princess is to be seen as shuttering away from the mainstream culture that saw her first grapple favour with her pop impressive “Hands” debut album beginnings and sophomore late night disco painted follow-up “Nocturnes”.

Taste It” reveals a turn-about favoured in minimalism and hypnotically poised visceral left-of-field electronic pop imaging, sleekly sewn together by Little Boots own alluringly tapered gossamer vocals. We’d have to ask in the first instance has Little Boots been listening to FEMME per chance,?

Actually, we know that “Taste It” comes as a result of working with experimentally suited producer Com Truise and Jas Shaw from analogue beats embraced duo Simian Mobile Disco.

The disco glitter may have worn off, and deliciously evolved dark pop power may be seen to be settling in. Lest we forget that underlying both previous long playing outings was Victoria Hesketh who took on the stage name of Little Boots, as it appears to us that the tech-hard has gone back to basics and re-engaged with the creative process quite unreservedly so, and to which we are now suitably hypnotized in intrigue to see where all this alternative-electronic re-birth leads.