Ryan Schmidt

If his new single “Sunburn” is anything to go by, aspiring singer / songwriter Ryan Schmidt shows as much promise behind the pen as he does the behind the mic.

The Nashville native is well on his way to establishing his all encompassed musicianship roots, derived of blue-eyed soulfully prepped vox and assisted by a presence of billowing electro-pop accompaniment.

Demonstrative of these qualities, “Sunburn” unfurls from its humbly approached soft pop beginnings with a heartening quiver of vulnerability coming through all whilst, evoking an introspective electronic tinged aura collated in tribute of growing up on the Atlantic Ocean, directing the overall transient nature of past summers / loves.

Equal parts charmingly commanding, Ryan adeptly serves up a slice of good times and enriching feel good vibes to the point where we hang on every emotively delivered word that he sings, we are so beguilingly taken into his world of flashback generated consciousness.