I’m not even going to try and hide the fact that I’m immensely beside myself right now set off into action by the glowing return of pop/rock band Lawson.

Afterall, Lawson’s debut single “When She Was Mine” and resulting debut album “Chapman Square” made quite a fan-girl out of me, in a heartbeat!

It must be said, however, when the guys shipped out stateside and began re-working their tracks assisted by guesting rappers, I for one wasn’t so convinced at their slant of experimentation.

Moving on and moving forward, the undoubted Lawson hysteria begins once more, as Andy, Adam, Joel and Ryan introduce their upcoming sophomore album via their brand new single “Roads”.

Firstly, happy to note on “Roads” that there is no rapper in sight! Whilst thankfully Lawson’s knack of laying down the infectious pop hooks still shows no abounds. Although, it has to be said that “Roads” does boast an aura of countrified Americana about it. But you know what, whilst I’d normally probably not care so much for something of this nature, the chorus is pretty much “Roads” everything. Rousing. Air punching. Toe-tapping. Infact, the whole caboodle plus WHOA Oh, Oh’s. What more can you ask of a return really!

Suppose that this will also mean that I’ll have to start casting my admiring glances over Lawson’s press pics again. Euurgh sometimes music blogging / reviewing can be such a tough job NOT!!