Le Youth 1

Amongst the crowded EDM landscape of newly emerging production names Wes James’s alias Le Youth has been seen to poke through the stylised throng of 90’s throwback vibes with his contemporary founded, retro spun offerings.

For his next release the producer successfully up-cycles Brandy’sI Wanna Be Down” bringing the 90’s R’n’B soul jam up to speed re-introduced to a new audience as “Real”.

This is a cut which is decked with piano stabs and swooping electronic sequencing whilst also being fully representative of another of Le Youth’s primary skills – initiating a killer hook.

The results speak for themselves, when we say that Le Youth’s upcoming debut album is sure to be one to look out for regardless of the heavy influence of using samples that the producer is duly noted for, as he possesses a certain flair of savoir-faire more than enough to make these retro in-corporated interpretations sound as if they might only have ever belonged to him.