I am aware I haven’t been paying enough blog attention to who is coming up and ready to break out in the realm of alternative-pop. Truth is more often than not, my inbox is bulging, with R’n’B electronic pop songs sent in with a hope that I might stuff them in my ears. Here are my few words of caution to anyone about to send more of the same into me. I do tire of tracks which have been moulded in this way, extremely easily. It is at times like these when my ears can take no more. That I, scoot off to find something more stimulating to my audio senses for myself. By way explanation, I think you’ll now understand why I am writing about the new Your Smith release, “In Between Plans” today.

Your Smith is the new guise of Caroline Smith, formerly of Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps. She has been a feature of the LA music scene since moving there from Minnesota a few years ago. Along the way, there has been variation in her music style. Older, work even includes a collaboration with Lizzo. Since moving to LA. The newly christened Your Smith has turned her attention towards exploring, an indie, singer-songwriter, vibe.

The track “In Between Plans” is infectious and breezy. Evocative of summers gone by owing to an indie flecked melody, sprawling with So-Cal heat. What I do love. The song doesn’t feel as though it is trying to fit in with what everyone else is doing right now. Cool move Your Smith, I like the track more, purely because of that. And that the jangly hook which is embedded firmly within, feels cleverly inspired by one the most chill, summer song’s ever written, “All I Wanna do” by Sheryl Crow.

“I wrote it about the best day of my life in hopes it could be the soundtrack to yours,” says the singer.

Caroline’s done good, she’s captured the mood, and then some. I defy anyone who listens to “In Between Plans” not be feeling in a So-Cal state of mind well before the track fades out.

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