In our search for a proper hit of pop, we have to concede it’s pretty much the case these days that it’s being ear fed to us foremost by our transatlantic pals, the Americans.

A pool of up-and-coming acts like Betty Who, Lola Blanc and Alexx Mack are all leading the way to ensure that their uplifting glitter assisted pop beats are heard and shine a light of infectious high energy down on us, all whilst the other half of the electronic pop world are more into concentrating upon the dark, moody and broody.

All this delivery of effervescent pure pop does appear to be coming together via a girl orientated movement just of now, and looking set to join the pop parade is emerging California based singer Frankie.

West coaster Frankie isn’t necessarily trying to overload us in super-cuteness like Carly Rae or Taylor, but Frankie does however wish to become our “New Obsession”.

Helping Frankie on her way to pop glory is the upcoming debut release of her “Dreamstate” EP, which has already spawned much acclaim for previous teaser track “Problems Problems”. Secondary to this and just before she makes her live debut out at SXSW Frankie lifts the lid on “New Obsession” another of the tracks which appears on the “Dreamstate” EP.

If you like your pop of a quirky outlook whilst, littered with hooks and a chorus erupting of whoa, oh, oh’s it is our suggestion that you give “New Obsession” by Frankie a definite look over.