Girl Friend 1

Newly formed Manchester electronic pop trio, Girl Friend arrive bringing us a good old serving of pop, styled in a hue of 80’s retro sourced inspiration beginning at Roxy Music, journeying through Soft Cell and ending up in David Sylvian’s Japan, albeit that Girl Friend are all sized up in the contemporary modernising of it though.

The band have been brought to our attention since they just debuted their new track “Monte Carlo”, and it just mirrors all the right elements of good pop tune making, to a T.

Curated of pop but NOT saccharine. Plenty of scope of accessibility within its indie prepped arena. Relentlessly fluid momentum which lands at the feet of a rousing sing-a-long chorus. All told, “Monte Carlo” is literally fizzing with potential.

Besides, when I first took a look at this band, Girl Friend’s image spoke loudly to me as that of a band I’d really want to be seeing live.

I’ve been here so many times…………… in my electronic pop dreams anyway. There’s nothing like discovering new pop circulating with a twist of Manchester magic about it. Above all else, when it is the case that the Northerners are so adept at revitalising, innovating and creating it.