Do you ever feel that because of the current trends in music, there isn’t enough electronic-centred music being made to suit your need? I know, that after going through the masses of New Music Friday releases, I am often left feeling this way. As soon as I am alerted to a new artist who primarily has an unabashed use of synthesizers in their work, consider me switched on. Floridian singer-songwriter CALICA came to my attention because of her track “Midnight Dream” which features on her freshly released debut album “Yes, It’s About You.” An album where she can be seen keeping the 80s sound alive served amid a good dash of modern pop artistry.

The track “Midnight Dream” differentiates itself from most retro-wave remodelled pieces that peep up under the electronic, synth-pop umbrella from time to time. Notably because of the Moog like analogue synth embellishment, which is not unlike that used on Giorgio Moroder and Phil Oakey classic “Together In Electric Dreams.”

CALICA is quite bold in her use of synths on “Midnight Dream” in fact, elsewhere on the album she concentrates on dreamier vibes, which also lend well to her gentle vocal style. She sings about her feelings after coming out of a break-up. The body of work gives listeners a refreshing take on love, loss, and self-empowerment. If being honest, above all else, I’m caught like a rabbit in the headlights by the dazzling array, of electronic elements this CALICA release is giving me. The achingly pretty, warmth of these debut tracks helps me to quickly conclude, her music moves to a genuine human heartbeat. Furthermore, after spending some time with the album “Yes, It’s About You” I was hit by the realisation, that CALICA’s exquisite, heartfelt vocals mixed with shimmering synths culminate in simple but alluring pop.

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