Having been recently introduced to Noonie Bao’s2manyfreckles” inked protégé Sirena through her spellbindingly pop commanding release “Chemicals”, the Stockholm born, Barcelona based artist returns to build upon the previous single with an equally enchanting synth focused new track “Lunar Lights”.

A single choice which is in every way upholding our previous belief that Sirena might now feel rightly obliged to see herself on the fast-track to be considered as one of Sweden’s freshest pop export’s, the seemingly fitting “Lunar Lights” is a track of conjoined two forces, honeyed trickling vox amidst a heavenly cacophony of otherworldly synth arrangement.

Sirena is certainly showing that she knows how to waft us up to cloud nine with her sweetly nectar centred synth-pop high’s. Although perfectly nice and pleasurable, a shift in dynamic’s centring in on some diversity upon further focus releases might now though be a move considered wise.