There are exciting times ahead for LA-based pop duo FRENSHIP. They release their debut album “Vacation” next month (May 17th). As a duo James Sunderland and Brett Hite are known for bringing bold, colourful splashes of electronics to their tracks. Although bringing in synths has served as an important signature element for the duo. It is musing lyrics, which can be found beating at the heart of their songs. And it was this kind of thoughtful pop which first got them noticed. By Spotify with a break out artist nod in 2016 and Shazam, calling them out with an Emerging Artist tout in 2017. A final lead-in to the album comes by way of the track “Keep You Close.” It is a song which has a greater focus on the lyrics. Where the electronics have been pared back, almost swapped out in favour of gentle guitar strokes.

I think it is interesting when the debut album is so close, that the duo serves us a somewhat softer-edged song like “Keep You Close.” The lyrics definitely have the feeling of a personal touch. As though they are really opening up the emotional well, allowing us to get a peep in at their vulnerable side. The track can definitely be marked down as a quieter moment for FRENSHIP. Because it is rather different from the bulk of their work to date, it has a really special appeal. Like you can feel with every word the duo have given their all and some more on this one.

FRENSHIP have enjoyed many buzzed-about singles, which have got them to the point of releasing this upcoming album. Yet after listening to “Keep You Close” I sense the best is yet to come from them. They have a Bastille collaboration on the long-player, “Won’t Let You Go” (the duo have previously toured with the acclaimed alternative pop band.) I suspect many ears will be listening out for that track in particular, but listeners should make an effort to stick around and explore the rest of the album at length. I think it might come as a surprise, that the duo has diversified, and have brought exploring indie vibes into their repertoire.

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