Stine Bramsen

A full year and a flush of solo singles on from Alphabeat vocalist Stine Bramsen, we have witnessed the cementing of a widening new pop arena for the Dane to play around in.

Whilst it seems the case that steps have been decidedly taken to take Stine out of her Alphabeat comfort zone of jolly pop creation on her solo journey, thus far, we hoped that it wasn’t going to be fully the case that the chirpy pop sound we became so fond of in the first instance, might become shut in the cupboard for too long.

In answering our thoughts, Stine returns by and large to her sunnier feel good roots, much to our delight as she hits out perky new single “Karma Town”.

Plinkety plonking its presence with jutting piano stabs intact, “Karma Town” seems a place we’d sure wish to visit right now, in the hope that it might be chocka bursting with pure pop abandon as this cute breezy lil tune itself

Believe us, a return to pop like this is NOT to be scoffed at! As it ever growingly feels that pop overall these days has gotten all too caught up in the serious. We demand that there be an increase in more fun times thrown into the mix, if you’re listening world of pop!