You’d be forgiven for not quite instantly remembering Xuman as it’s actually been some considerable time since we last wrote about them. Infact, the last time we wrote about Xuman we were under the impression that it was a solo artist project although, now this appears to have evolved into a band.

Further refreshing your memories, Sasha Xuman the founder of the Russian experimental pop project and accompanying Record Label did initially arrive with a groovilicious electro-nu-disco choon called “Panic” back in the day, which we were rightly so, positively potty about at the time.

As previously mentioned Xuman evolved, as did the music also, indulging mostly towards their indie rock and indie-pop tendancies for a time.

Interestingly, I now find that the band are back to embracing the electronic realm once again! WOOHOO and all that!
Whilst, not to deviate too far from their engrained indie roots, Xuman are twisting up their new electronic rebirth in a darker industrial atmosphere.

New single “K.O.” is spectacularly gnarly stuff indeed and hits upon a distinct Depeche Mode resemblance of my exact favourite DM era, that being “Violator”.

Things to get excited about. “K.O.” acts as insight into Xuman’s upcoming sophomore album, which is promised to be going further towards this dark electronic direction. Amen to that!

And just like that, due to a flick of music direction Xuman are one of our new favourite Russian electronic pop acts all over again!

With our enthusiasm for Xuman somewhat renewed, you betcha, we will be definitely be checking in on them to see that how this new electronic album project develops.