Today, I’d like to pick back up with LA-based, alt-pop singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Hariz, who I first wrote about in 2017. When he first came to my attention with tracks “Ovrbrd” and “Does It Hurt” I noted at the time, that the newcomer was into exploring R&B flavours, but I also liked his overall pop sensibility as well. In fact, it was this teamed with his lyrical prowess that made me feel there was something special about him. Now arriving with his sixth single “Hell Of It,” I know I was right to single Hariz out under our emerging artist spotlight.

Last year, Hariz track “Think Of Me” was written in collaboration with Ari Leff (who is better known to us under his professional music artist name of Lauv.) Being someone currently regarded as one of the biggest and successful new acts right now. I think working with Ari, says a lot about the kind of interest Hariz is beginning to pick up. Also, the collaboration appears to have sparked a shift in style for the up-and-comer. As when first listening to “Hell Of It” I couldn’t help but notice some very big pop sensible vibes. These almost touch upon the emotively, endearing, confessional pop style, Troye Sivan and Allie X collaborator Leland, works in.

I like that the song speaks about the virtues of taking a step back from life and urges that we remember to go out and do something fun every once in a while. Even though summer has now merged into autumn, it doesn’t mean we have to go into fun-times hibernation. The lyrics of the song remind us that sometimes it is good to “grab a drink, let’s get drunk, I think that we think too much, we can do whatever for the hell of it.” To be honest, with the soothing guidance of “Hell of It” I sense it would be somewhat easy-breezy to fall in line with Hariz’s request, as the song positively hums with feel-good vibes.

With “Hell Of It” it really, feels as though Hariz has found his own lane. The frankness in his songwriting is coming through along with catchy pop hooks infused with a good time! Its a style similar to that of Lauv, Leland or Troye Sivan and if you’re a fan, I very much encourage you to discover Hariz for yourself.

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