New York, based singer Julietta might be one the most, poppiest new talents you’ve never heard of, but on the strength of her latest electronic pop offering “Hard Love” I expect her profile will be on the ascent. The Italian-American singer-songwriters songs have already begun to make quite an impression online. Racking up millions of streams on the web, and getting the genius remix treatment from Yeasayer and Sofi Tukker. She’s an indie-pop act, who appears to have hit gold. And a lot of people want in on a piece of the action, myself included after I was sent in a preview of the latest track offering.

Julietta has a voice comparable to the lovely trio of ladies in the 1990’s group Wilson Phillips. She channels the girl groups melodic allure and demonstrates that her vocal talent and skill are undeniable. In fact, quite a lot of this songs feels as though it could have been around when artists like Wilson Phillips, Debbie Gibson and Belinda Carlisle ruled the radio waves. Indeed the track is melodically woven with danceable cuts influenced by your favourite electronic club music from yesteryear, but infused with modern twists and turns.

Julietta has been writing since her early teens although she never knew where they would end up. She found her voice, after singing at a memorial for a friend who struggled with the same addiction (alcohol, drugs) as herself. I guess music, has been her saviour and focus. All the effort she is pouring into her music making now is paying dividends. The upcoming “Smooth Sailing” EP is Julietta coming to peace with her past and finding balance in a turbulent world. Single “Hard Love” takes everything that’s good in pop to make the best out of it, creating an addictive, lovely song with a high repeat listen potential.

Connect with Julietta
Twitter: @juliettalrose