Adal and Freja’s “Fire To You” is an 80s synth pulsing track which had me spellbound at first listen. I’m confident that you too will know why when you dive in for a listen yourselves.

My feeling is, former Phantom Runners member Adal has been getting more than a little nostalgic in his leisure time and worked his way through quite an entirety of John Hughes teen inspired movies of yesteryear. Which in turn has lead to the producer/singer/songwriter tapping into the retro glowing synth-pop embers of the decade, sparking them back to life with his take on the hugely cinematic sound of back in the day.

On board as a featured vocalist is Danish singer Freja, whose blithe and delicately whispery vocal chops act as a hauntingly evocative addition to the production driven buzz which exists in the tracks contemporary modern finishes.

The results speak volumes on this one. A pinch of vintage, snappy production, gorgeous vocals and hazily steeped electronics has fanned the flames of a new synthy favourite for me. I’m super delighted to know that there’s an album headed this way soon and the featured artists listed on it are really turning up the excitement level. More on that, hopefully soon.