New Portals want to do everything in their power to help us feel good. The Irish duo have created a new piece of mood music to enhance our state of well being with the use of their sonically sculptured soundscapes.

The husband and wife team have plumped for creating an idyl of dreamy beats evoking the ebb and flowing movement of a vast expanse of water. A pocket of paradise captured in wistful electronic tones conjuring up visions of tranquil serenity, the sense of finding utopia becomes realistic that experiencing a gentle breeze come passing by feels almost real.

This track is blissfully lush and should have you chilled out in no time. So check it, chillax and unwind just as New Portals had in mind when they put their masterstrokes of calming vibes on it.

A short while ago we sat down with New Portals for a chat. If you have not already read our interview you can check it out here.

Find New Portals on:
Twitter: @NewPortals