Indigo Face

Would we on first impressions envisage that an Italian / French music duo might be giving us something more intriguing than our expected guess of a europop formulated composition? Indigo Face put us right in our assumptive place of thought with the unleashing of their newest track “Fearless”.

Italian singer/songwriter Mariachiara Terragin and French multi-instrumentalist producer Maxime Obadia have set a precedent of vying down a more alternatively eclectic path over the well trodden route of europop fare. It is more the case that both these artists appear to speak together as one in music seen through two intuitively creative minds.

Beguiling would be the word we are looking too in an overall descriptive effort of “Fearless”, above it’s shivering imprint made up of clattering drum beats and frostily given vocals. A courageous message of expressing vulnerability circulates with perpetual lyrical emotion, as it’s hypnotic soundtrack ticks over in a captivating heartbeat interpreted fashion.

Transfixing to say the least!