Who is Athena, the singer behind dreamy, synth-pop track “Count Me In“? Well, that’s a good question. A press release explains “she is a goddess from another world that has crash-landed on Earth. She is inviting her audience into her glittering fever dream on a quest to dance with their demons as she explores the severe impacts life’s traumas can have on the psyche.”

Alrighty, I’ll let you in on that fact I wasn’t actually contacted by email directly from a far away planet in the solar system. Athena is the brainchild and assumed artist name of Nashville based singer-songwriter Hilary. In further explanation of what is going on here, I’m asking you, readers, to look on this project as an escapist role play through music scenario. A continuation of the same pop family tree lineage descending from icon alter-ego inventor David Bowie since Athena comments, “I never really stopped playing pretend.” I have to say I can’t think of anybody bigger to take influence from while beginning to send her own pop career into orbit.

Upcoming release “Dreamland” EP will be flanked by an accompanying novel, they will explore very real themes: mental illness, trauma and vulnerability chief among them. The track “Count Me In” is somewhat brighter, in its content and musicality. The lyrics have a hopeful tone and are delivered with a warm, magnetic voice. Athena takes the plunge, courageously jumping from the dark side into the light. The gritty catchiness of the track stems from a combination of optimistic sentiments, of joy, of elation, of opening up your heart to love again. It is one of those works that quietly gets under your skin. The song has a soul yet demonstrates music can be soft as well as gutsy.

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