The heady days back when New Kids On The Block, *NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys first captured teenage hearts are all but distant memories. But these acts have enjoyed and continue to thrive on the longevity in their pop music careers. Through the noughties emulating such career achievements as these have proved harder to sustain and accomplish. However, unlike the UK, the US boy band genre has never really pulled the plug on going through a renaissance period. The newly reunited Jonas Brothers have been more than doing their bit of late to breathe newfound hysteria into the fans who have stayed with them throughout their career. There is always room for some newcomers to show up on the music scene. If in particular stateside, male pop collectives stoke your music fires, you may well be pleased to learn the American boy band sound is alive and kicking in 2019, in pop/rock trio OBB.

If you are wondering, (as I was) what their artist name OBB means. It is the nothing more complicated than an abbreviated form of Oswald Brothers Band. I guess the big hint here has let the cat out of the bag, that these guys are brothers (a common basis for American boy bands in particular through the years, examples which instantly spring to mind being, The Jackson 5, Hanson, and The Jonas Brothers.) I really thought as a British person, OBB was completely new news to me. I soon realised this was not the case at all at learning it was the bands track “Mona Lisa” which recently featured in a Google Chromebook TV advertisement. I have in fact heard this song hundreds of times. Chances are without knowing you probably have as well.

Being affiliated with this global brand is as good as time as any to set the wheels in motion where the trio can broaden their horizons bringing the music across the pond. So their team has reached out to introduce the latest single “Close By” to us. The best advice I can now give to you is to fill your boots with the dreamy harmonies of the song. Because as I have already discussed here, if you enjoy the whole American boy band thing, it will be right up your street.

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Twitter: @OBB_Music