There will be many people who will believe Saara Aalto already has, winning the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest in the bag. Nonetheless, I’m always of the opinion nothing is ever certain when it comes to the much revered long-running competition. While I can’t deny Saara Aalto’s entry for Finland with “Monsters” is a top candidate for glory I don’t believe it will be a one horse race to the winning post. In recent times Bulgaria has put forward strong, entries which in the past two years have seen top five final placings for the Balkan country. Poli Genova “If Love Was A Crime” in 2016, in 2017 Beautiful Mess” by Kristian Kostov were near misses for the title. You know what they say about luck running in three’s? This year’s Bulgarian representatives Equinox has a pretty, sound offering with the track “Bones” which I believe might yet, put a spanner in works.

The group has been put together with a win in mind, comprising of former X Factor Bulgaria season two winner Zhana Bergendorff, Johnny Manuel, Trey Campbell, Georgi Simeonov and singer/actor Vlado Mihailov who was a backing vocalist for Kristian Kostov in the competition last year. The sense of drama the track gives is palpable, but hitting the chorus there is plenty of scope for a hall full of Eurovisionistas to come together in a unifying moment or two of swaying to the rhythm lit by their mobile phone torch lights.

With finalists being announced left, right, and centre at the moment much, about, this Bulgarian entry has been kept under wraps until the very last. Musically “Bones” is a stellar track with great vocals and accomplished musicianship. It’s fate in Eurovision all boils down to making through the semi-final heats and beating off early stiff competition from Israel representative Netta and her quirky, chicken clucking “Toy“. Someone, please remind Netta, “The Birdie Song” happened once and doesn’t need to happen again, but fair play to the Israeli’s they have a sense of fun with their music and often bring it to the Eurovision stage. Remember Nadav Guedj “Golden Boy”? I rest my case.

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