by Raj Rudolph

So last year electro pop maven SIRPAUL wow'd us with his amazing pop diddy "Going Down In La-La Land", an amazing track that kick-started my interest in him as a serious pop musician. That track landed at the number 10 spot of EQ's top 200 tracks of 2011 and was eventually featured on our first compilation album "This Beat Is Poptronik".

Just when I thought that SIRPAUL couldn't outdo himself any more musically, he has come up with an insanely new catchy pop anthem called "Glow" – upon first listen this track will stick to your brain just like one of those creatures from Aliens – and it won't let you go. SIRPAUL performed this track multiple times at the Poptronik Festival a few weeks ago and it resonated quite well with the Spanish pop lovers and festival goers alike who have been waiting for the day to download this new hot new track. We'll good news EQs, "Glow" is available to download right now on iTunes and trust me – this is one download that is more hot than hot.

You can listen to the remixes and single edit and might I add that former EQ intern Prince Persona has done a rather stomping remix to this track too – every time we hear it, we are beaming with mama's pride that one of our own has created a MEGA remix to what is already one of 2012's top pop tunes.

The Horse - Sirpaul

Get "Glow" right now from SIRPAUL's new album "The Horse" (which is also very good) and if you like the remixes below, the "Glow" EP will be released online on Tuesday.