A Thousand Fires 2

Returning as A Thousand Fires, Coury Palermo and Philip Zach together conclude the RebelLoverLiar debut trilogy offering with an alternatively contemporary ballad insight upon the upcoming “Liar” EP release.

Notably through the extended release run we have welcomed the A Thousand Fires project for it’s electronically eclectic mix of technology versus orchestral and stringed arrangements. Whilst, each are additionally attributed with the chimerical calming vocals of Coury Palermo.

The “Liar” EP’s introductory track “Lights Out” fairs no different to its predecessors, it is bedded in much the same halcyon dreamy production and harmonically dulcet vocal line. It takes you to a place centred of calm and serenity whilst, gracefully weaving it’s shimmery synth arrangement into the elysian fabric of an otherworldly experience.

A perfect finale to a three-fold chapter of equally divine and poetically responsive tracks.

The “Liar” EP will be available digitally 19.05.14