La Roux 1

The five year wait is now officially over, La Roux the synth pop project between Ben Langmaid and Elly Jackson is primed up and ready to bring us “Trouble In Paradise” the sophomore album to the 2009 self titled debut.

With speculation being rife for new material for the best part of a year or more, the imminent stirrings kicked off on La Roux’s Instagram account a few days ago with the unveiling of the briefest snippet of a new track and which I now believe to be titled “Silent Partner”.

Unveiled officially to the world via Radio 1’s Zane Lowe, album teaser track “Let Me Down Gently” comes in on a more mellow footing than La Roux’s previously upbeat numbers like “Bulletproof” and “I’m Not Your Toy”, but also “Let Me Down Gently” is this time developed in a more richly sophisticated depth of sound, teamed with the unmistakable vocals of Elly Jackson it all makes for a welcome return and an intriguing glimpse for what is to come.

“Trouble In Paradise” is available for pre-order here now ahead of it’s July 7th release with UK pre-orders gaining exclusive early access to UK tour ticket pre-sales

If that wasn’t enough to tickle your synth pop tastebuds already, cast your peepers over the album track list.

1. Uptight Downtown
2. Kiss and Not Tell
3. Cruel Sexuality
4. Paradise Is You
5. Sexotheque
6. Tropical Chancer
7. Silent Partner
8. Let Me Down Gently
9. The Feeling