Let it be known that jaunty pop providers Autoheart did release their perky pop piece “Lent” on the 11th February, and it also came to pass that they did also on that day deliver unto us a package of power-some electrified remixes to captivate our electro hungry hearts and this is the gospel truth.

From the foundations of the melodiously breezy, original quirky pop composition the track is turned 4 different shades of synth colour to indulge the sensory aesthetics in a whirpool of dynamic energy and pace.

In charge of the intense mid-tempo, ambiently driven strand from the package Bright Light Bright Light oversees that the synth level is increased in a surging palpitation of electro beating and deluge of drum pad heavy boldness taking on an industrious slant showing a weighty variant that will tantalize right through to your electro soul in its gothic splendour.

A tribal flair is measured up by Hannah Holland, who slathers the dainty piece in a pounding of techno house bass beats and slinky bassline movement, propelling the track into the dirty bass arena with aplomb.

Scottish singer, musician, producer Tom Kills straps on the alternative electronica visor to re-boot into a hypnotic robotic jolt of chrome clatter and sci-fi laser enhancement that summons down otherworldly creatures to take command of the backing vocals, rendering this transmission intergalactically spectacular.

The “O/R” draws the package to a close by lending a deep soul based late 80’s re-count of the Anglo/African dubplate used in the Soul II Soul clubbers classic “Back To Life”, exchanging quirky for slinky and firing the track with urban smooth.

The “Lent” remix package, a cacophony of an experimental wall of sounds; bold, slinky, sci-fi leaning and urban smooth a winning pick for all tastes.