It’s Friday EQs!  That means it’s time to start thinking about what you are doing this weekend.  As for EQ, I’ll be packing up me things for a two week jont in San Francisco and trying to cram in as much quality time as I can with my Gerilicous in the next 24 hours before getting on the plane.  I don’t know how much posting I’ll be doing this weekend, so to tide you over here are some Random Rants and diddies that have been floating around in me inbox for you. 

Go get interactive on the EQ Facebook Group while I am away – we have some fun little conversations going on over there and now we are 120+ members strong!

  • How massive is "Cry For You" by September blowing up in the UK?!  It’s going large.  I’ll be putting together some questions for September (aka Petra) very soon, so if you have any questions you’d like me to ask her – just email em on in!
  • I’m totally in love with The B-52’s album "Funplex".  It is a must-listen.  Go out now and buy it on CD or digitally if you can.  It’s like taking a kitsch-rock road-trip around the cosmos!  Seriously people, I haven’t had this much fun listening to a rock album in a long time!
  • Electro popster Stuart Glover has a new video out to his track "Fatal Attraction".  Go check it out.  Stuart’s hair is just too perfect – EQ is jealous.
  • REMINDER: Temposhark’s "The Invisible Line" CD is out now.  You must go buy it or download it.  If you haven’t yet, well you are not worthy of reading this blog!  Just kidding – but seriously, go do it now!  You can even win an iPod and prizes galore over on their MySpace page!
  • Check out Mark Picchiotti’s new single called "Turn It Up" that just hit #1 on the UK Music Week Upfront Club Chart.  Discover the bouncy fun house track over on his MySpace page now.
  • And speaking of some more bouncy fun, check out "John Travolta" by BLOW-UP over on their MySpace page as well.
  • EQ reader Ema suggests you take a look at D@ve B. He’s a singer/songwriter from Italy and has some great electronic tracks.  You can even download a few of them on his MySpace.
  • And finally, of course how great was Sergey’s little mini-club tour of the UK?!  I am still on a high about it to tell you the truth.  Hopefully Sergey will return to London in May when his album "TV Show" drops but in the meantime – here’s a little video message from him.  You might also find EQ and Gerilicous in this little piccie if you look hard enough…