Moody, brooding and intriguing. It’s not everyday you’ll see those comments written about a girl group, but you see Feathers are anything but your ordinary girl band. Although, I can’t help but to gaze upon their press photo and receive tingles of  The BanglesManic Monday” come rushing into my head, that’s where the mainstream pop mentions end.

No, no! Feathers are quite into something else!

Glam pop troubadours as much as the once feisty Soho Dolls. Forlorn melodies and new wave penetrative gothic pop stylings that bite its way out of the ordinary, commanding the attention of the discerning alt-pop listener to soak up every obscure drop of the vampishly seductive debut single “Land Of The Innocent”.

Look upon these brooding otherworldly alt-pop babes as the shadowy female form of Depeche and that will do you right.