Klapp Klapp‘ is an appropriate title for a song more infectious than gonorrhea.

More importantly, it’s the first single to be lifted from the highly-anticipated 4th album by Swedish trip-hop and electro outfit Little Dragon. And of course, it doesn’t disappoint. Prepare for an elastic onslaught of colourful, carbonated synths and crystalline vocals…

Every buzzing noise emanating from the keyboards, bubbles and joggles wildly, as if it were all trying to burst free from Klapp Klapp‘s own stomping, onomatopoeic beat (klapp, klapp, klapp, klapp, klapp, klapp, klapp, klapp; it sweats and chugs along rhythmically like a sonic steam train.)

Vocalist Yukimi Nagano has a voice cooler than sherbet and sorbet spread on a bed of angel delight, floating somewhere between Janelle Monae and Alison Goldfrapp in dreamy soulful sparks (NB. yet if you heard it in a club, you’d think Yukimi immediately – her electric tones are still completely distinctive in their own right!)

This single definitely gets my vote as one of the top 5 hottest tracks of 2014 thus far. Plus, it won’t be long until the full-length, ‘Nabuma Rubberband‘, drops in the UK on May 12th.