Kitchen Party

So the saying goes, do you find yourself always in the kitchen at parties? If that is indeed the case then you’d be dipping out on hearing all that’s sparkly new in the world of girl bands.

A buzz this fall, come a stylish trio of ladies going by the name of Kitchen Party, well for those that can recall along with me, it does sound much better than naming yourselves Tupperware party doesn’t it!

Anyways the three piece have come to notice via a mixtape titled “11th Floor” that they have posted up on Soundcloud and which contains an exciting mix of urban garage feisty charm and giving a comprehensive insight into what the girl group is all about. It’s also available for FREE DOWNLOAD so we may fully immerse ourselves into the slinky, funky fresh fabric of sound that is Kitchen Party.

What resounds from the “11th Floor mixtape” is that these girls mean business, they’re pop players with a different strength and outlook to the average girl band. These girls are street savvy with their own foxy identity from the starters blocks.

Working with Sugababes, All Saints and Massive Attack producer Cameron McVey, the first single to be lifted off the mixtape into an official EP release is the sleek garage primed effort “Lights” which most definitely does hold some of the origibabes, now currently known MKS vibes about it.

The smooth urban pop character of Kitchen Party is one to be noted as stirring up a new direction of exciting in the girl band arena.