Sharon Doorson 1

Take one look at Sharon Doorson what do we see?  Do we see her as a superstar entertainer?  We most surely do, as Sharon is quite the curly haired wonder in that she’s a seasoned Dutch reality TV superstar already.

As a keen participant Sharon has gone from strength to strength over the past few years, she’s notably competed in the Dutch version of Popstars The Rivals and The Voice, suitably impressing her contemporaries and mentors alike.

After a stint in girl band Raffish, derived from her win on Popstars The Rivals, Sharon has gone on to MC alongside the Disc-Jockey glitterati also, but now is the time to go it alone and if anyone has the presence to make it big than Sharon Doorson is going to do it even bigger than her jazz hair.

Throw your ears open upon her new single “Killer”, the title track from her debut album and you’ll be in no doubt to what all the fuss is about.

These beats are raunchy, the energy is dancefloor dirty, the lyrics are fiendishly seductive and from the offset Sharon Doorson slays it with all the pomp of an internationally acclaimed diva that already has some platinum discs inscribed with her  name on them.

Indeed, she’s a thriller killer diva of Dutch dance pop and she’s got the full measure and a half of HOT!