Did you know Frankmusik has got his hand in on a new pop prospect? Yes the recording artiste / pop producer is steering a new bloodline through his creative sphere.

In an uncanny likeness as himself to ear and eye as Frankmusik, the new charge is Kentö and he shows nothing but an instant delivery of smoky vocal goodness, tinged with a pop rock edge to layer over the signature blips, bleats and beeps at the steerage of impressario Frankmusik.

The collaboration have recently released together Kentö’s debut piece the “Complicated EP”.

Imparting further insight into this EP, it’s rather like going for a rummage into the earliest Frankmusik online archives “The Heaths Of Thornton ”, the precursory material prior to release of his debut album “Complete Me” and in direct alignment too.

All becomes clearly focused when listening to title track “Complicated”, along with the EP’s other tracks “Runaway” and “We Are Fire ”

Cut from the same cloth as Vincent Frank, our first impression of Kentö is a good one, but consider that it will be even more appealing when Kentö further imprints his own quirks and identity upon his music. Overall though, the “Complicated EP” is a sound beginning and one that showcases Kentö as a real contender as a future pop name in his own right and not just seen a Frankmusik understudy.

BONUS: Download the Prince Persona remix of “Complicated” right here, right now!