It’s a blistering Saturday night in Miami and you’re cruising around the city. You’re usual go-to EDM playlist is sounding a little dated right about now… But wait, what was that new thumping banger you heard at the club a few days ago?

That would have been “KCHA” by emerging Chicago house Producer/DJ Avi Sic.

Press. Play. Now.

You like what you hear? We certainly do.

Teaming up with her mate LÊ IZNER, Avi Sic releases another unmissable dance-floor destroyer into the EDM universe in “KCHA”. Its dark and distinctive low-end beat will keep you going all through the night at the after-hours club, keeping your energy high-flying until you hit the pillows (HARDCORE) from a night of pulsating “these are the best years of your life” euphoria.

I literally have no clue what KCHA stands for, but never mind that – get into Avi Sic and put her on your emerging EDM playlist radar, like yesterday.

You’re welcome.