We are in full Madonna mode lately impatiently waiting for the her new track ‘4 Minutes To Save The World’ to officially be dropped or leaked.  Timbaland played the track recently at a show in Philadelphia and from what we heard on a dodgy bootleg recording, it sounds fucking amazing.  We were rather concerned the collaboration wouldn’t set to well in our ears, but we’re pretty sure now that it could be Confessions-mania all over again.  And that is good in our books, just not on our wallet – we’re already saving some cash for Madonna’s rumored tour this summer – there is even some dates in July being talked about in London already…

Justin Timberlake recently did an interview with Hollywood Daily People and he had this to say about Madonna’s "old but new" sound he’s worked on…

Hollywood Daily People: You worked on Madonna’s new album with Timbaland. In what direction did you take her?

Justin Timberlake: Basically, our job was to reinvent her sound. My thing was producing her vocals – really experimenting with rhythm. Everything she does with rhythm is straightforward. What I do is more staccato and R&B. So the challenge for me was writing songs, then saying, “How can I make this sound more like Madonna?” I’m a big fan of her first album.  So my mission was to write a modern-day ‘Holiday’.  I wrote a cool house record for her called ‘Miles Away’ that I think is a smash! She sounds great on it.

HDP: So is it an R&B Madonna?

JT: It’s an R&B/pop/dance record, but it’s still Madonna. Her voice still sounds like she’s 18 year old! It trips me out that she’s 49. She’s always been rough and tough. Her last couple of records, she’s like, “Rrrrrrr!”

HDP: How did she react to your ideas?

JT: A couple of times I pushed her in a direction where it took a minute before we saw eye to eye. Her approach was, “Well, I just haven’t done that.” And I was like, “Yeah, that’s why you should do it.”