It is probably right to start by saying hello, for the sheer fact that I’m not your normal host – and instead, as Raj told you last week – this is the start of the occasional post by me, Samuel (the person who used to blog at The Hotstuff Files until mental illness, or something close to that took over).

But now, to the music – and for the first post, it is probably quite right to talk about someone that is currently ‘doing the rotations’ on the stereo – Kate Nash. Kate Nash you’ll probably know as someone who wears clothing that makes her look like Lily Allen, and talks with an accent that makes her sound like Lily Allen. But where Lily Allen writes things like ‘LDN’ with horns and bells and half of her local cycling shop – Kate has decided to go a bit more multi-genre, with one of the tracks off her new album ‘Made of Bricks’, ‘Mariella’. It is a song that sounds a bit pop-ish; a bit rock-ish; and a bit semi-electronic-ish towards the end of the song. It is something that you’ll either hate with a vengance, or love to the extent that you’ll have a pair of puppy dog eyes on your face at the end of the song.

Quite obviously, I am the latter, and this is ‘Mariella’.

Now that you have heard that you can start collecting for the ‘stop him from ever writing here again’ fund if you so wish…