Jupiter Rising's album "The Quiet Hype" has been setting on my desk for two weeks and really EQs, I could just kick myself for not listening to it sooner.  I'm floored at how good it is.  At first impression, it looks like a techno cd with it's metallic and Tron-like font and over-use of the color purple.  I'm a typical guy in that respect, if it's not pretty, I don't pay too much attention – but unwrap the plastic and get over the cd cover and you'll find one helluva pop gem that you weren't quite expecting.

I'm just amazed at the depth of musicality this LA duo posseses.  Think Timbaland if Timbaland wasn't Timbaland.  Think Black Eye Peas if The Peas had gotten into a bad motor accident one the way to a gig and had to personally pick out a band to carry on their legacy.  And beyond those two comparisons, expect Jupiter Rising to give you some thumping electro and subtle techno blended with heaping scoops of pop powder to enhance your listening pleasure.  It's the type of music that gets your love muscles throbbing.  

As an example of how truly genius Jupiter Rising are, take for instance their new video to "Falling Away". Not only is the main track pop genius, but it's even got a very hip message to it:  Hey guys, forget all your troubles and strap on a pair of ibuds and dance around town all Footloose Kevin-Bacon-like.  And hey, you may even meet a j-pop cutie along the way…Fucking amazing.

Other key tracks on "The Quiet Hype" include "When The Bass Drops" – A masterclass in perfectly orchestrated electro R&B that would leave Nelly Furtado and Fergie quivering in their boots.  If you like your pop more uptempo, you'll love the fast-moving and head-bopping "Follow Me".  And proving that they can roll with the electro and R&B with the best of them and still deliver a Britney-esqe ballad, you'll fall in love with "Guarded".  For those material girls out there, you'll love Jupiter Rising's homage to Prada bags, Gucci shoes, Louie V and Jimmy Choos called "LA Girls".  Hey a bands gotta have some bling y'know.   

All in all, and I don't say this often, go get Jupiter Rising's album "The Quiet Hype" as soon as it's released onto the world on March 17th worldwide.  If you can't wait to sample (and really you should be foaming at the mouth at this point), there's a healthy sampling of the tracks over on their MySpace.

"The Quiet Hype" indeed.  Jupiter Rising is onto something…so sayeth EQ.