You know, I've heard Johnny X's name dropped quite a few times over the last three years.  He was the main guy behind Gina G's pure infectious pop sound.  He works quite regularly with John Von Ahlen of Parralox fame and he was even the writer of one of my favourite electro-pop songs by now defunct boyband Digital called "Get Ya Kit Off".  Needless to say, the man knows how to write a damn good pop hook.

Well, Johnny X has recently put out his own album called "Rodeo" which is a feast for all you electro-pop pimpers out there.  It's one of those perfect albums really – every song on there is just pop-tastic and perfectly executed.  My favourites on the album you ask?  Make sure you check out title track "Rodeo", the dreamy "Static" and my favorite track "Close" - which is tucked away ever so discreetly near the end of the album.  For all you pop trash sluts out there, you'll even love the cover of Dead Or Alive's "My Heart Goes Bang".

If you're a budding pop star as well and need a good songwriting collaborator – you should know Johnny X.  He's behind a lot of the really up-and-coming pop stars that I support, and well, I just love his songs and so should you.

Download Johnny X's album "Rodeo" right now on Johnny X - Rodeo