See we left the big smoke of London for a few days and all sorts of stuff happened while we were gone.  Hearthrob Enrique Iglesais played a show at G.A.Y. and brought a gay male fan onstage and serenaded him while singing ‘Hero’.  Don’t believe us – check it…aww isn’t the kiss on the forehead precious?!

And here we have a little video of Swany and SDB of Switch22 doing what they do best at Popshow.  Check out their live mix to ‘Back To The Dancefloor’ as well as their electro stomper and EQ Number One ‘1985’Bless SDB – he recently had a modeling gig which involved him carrying Jordan into her booksigning event at Harrods!

And if all that goodness isn’t enough…here we have SDB ‘Taking It Like A Man’ in Dragonette’s new 70’s porn inspired video!