Chances are you probably own an iPad – I mean c'mon, most EQ readers are pretty savvy to the times these days and if you're like me, you probably can't live without your iPad.  I wake up with it, I go to sleep with it under my pillow and I even take it with me to the water closet.  I know – too much information.  Sorry.

The iPad has drastically changed the way I consume content.  Print as an artform is pretty much dying a fast death these days as blogs have pretty much replaced magazines and bloggers are now starting to get as much recognition for their work as serious journalists are.

With my love for the magazine format – I often wondered how I could turn EQ into a digital magazine and like a bolt of lightning out of the blue – Flipboard came into my life and I CAN'T live without it either.

What is it?  Flipboard basically can take any RSS feed and magically turn it into a magazine on your iPad or mobile device.  It's TRUE!  It can do the same with your Twitter and Facebook account too and let me tell you, Facebook never looked more interesting than when you view it on Flipboard.

I urge you all to download the Flipboard app from the iTunes store and the first thing you must do when you download it is to do a search for EQ Music Blog or Electroqueer and automagically, you can read EQ on your iPad just like a glossy magazine.  It's FRIGGIN AMAZING.

Just watch…

Flipboard - Flipboard Inc.