Say hello to Jay-J.

He’s a little piece of Belgium that is every bit of delightful as the land of waffles itself.  Silly comparison I know, but his latest single “Body To Body” is just a visual piece of eye-candy that takes a page right out of Jeremy Jordan’s and Adam Rickett’s book of sleek pop diddys that mix abs with fab and well if you got it, flaunt it right?

In all seriousness, I quite like this tune.  For some reason it escaped my radar and was released in June, but a good tune deserves a good mention, so here it is. 

Watch the video.  And if you have a bit of a thang for cute blond European boys who can churn out a good pop track, then Jay-J delivers…

More Jay-J on Myspace and you can download the single right now on Jay-J - Body to Body - EP