It’s no secret that EQ Music is a HUGE fan of emerging electronic pop musician Daniel Robinson. In fact, we love his music so much that we wanted to represent him and voila – it happened!

Daniel Robinson is just one of those brilliant new artists that stands out-of-the-crowd for us. His lyrics are evocative and compelling, he’s a genius in the studio and it’s all packaged up in a fiesty hipster package that’s exciting, fresh and might even make Grumpy Cat crack a smile.

Today, see’s the release of his brand new single “Not Your Boy” and it’s guaranteed to infect your consciousness. Trust me, you’ll be singing this one ALL WEEK it’s so damn catchy. There is a reason he won the 2012 John Lennon Songwriting Contest – he’s like a lyrical lightsaber that keeps on slaying with each new song he puts out.

“Not Your Boy” is OUT now as part of his brilliant “Guesswork” EP which all EQ Music readers need in their lives. If you’re a fan of LIGHTS, Bright Light Bright Light, Owl City or Bjork, you’ll love the incredibly crafty and fantastically catchy tunes of EQ Music artist Daniel Robinson.

Need more? Well here you go…we put together this little vid just for you!