Join us as we delve into an insightful conversation with the talented DJ and Producer, Tony Kay. With his passion for music ignited at a young age, and his unique musical journey that spans across genres and influences, Tony Kay presents himself as a rising star in the Electronic music world. In this interview, we talk and explore his musical roots, influences, and the diverse sources of inspiration that
shape his distinctive sound. Get ready to learn more about the musical journey of Tony Kay, as well as, some of his favorite music.

Hi Tony! How are you today?
I’m doing good, thanks for asking.

Can you remember, who was the first Electronic Music artist you listened to? Was there one artist that you happened upon that was influential in sparking your passion for the genre?
I remember vividly the first time I ever heard Electronic music and it felt magical. A different sound to what I have known and used to hearing. Since I was a kid, music in general, was a big part of my life, with Hip Hop and Rap from the early 2000s to EDM and House music. There isn’t one artist or even a song that sparked my passion for House music. It’s more of a journey through the spectrum of Dance
music. From there I progressively gravitated towards Tech House and developed my own sound and style.

How have your musical influences evolved over the years? Have you found yourself finding inspiration from a range of different genres?
I’m from Marrakesh Morocco, grew up with Hip Hop/Rap music and then discovered House music. At a very young age, I enjoyed the club scene; the energy and the vibe are immaculate, I don’t have a set of words to describe it. It’s the euphoric feeling that pushed me to follow this path of Electronic music, I just want to make people smile and have a good time as they dance the night away. That is where I find inspiration from, my journey as a fan of this genre, to an Electronic music producer. I think people like Tony Kay and enjoy my music because I really do my own thing, not trying to be anybody else.

Is there one sub-genre within Electronic Music that you tend to gravitate towards when it comes to your own listening habits and finding music that inspires you creatively?
It’s important to have a creative state of mind, to not be afraid to try new things, and to not just follow the current trend. I do like to listen to music from different cultural backgrounds, more so my roots, and try to distinguish all the different instruments that are played. From drums to strings, various percussions and everything in- between, that gives me a much broader perspective on music as a whole.

Many artists have a “guilty pleasure” genre or artist that they secretly enjoy. Would you be able to share yours with us now?
My guilty pleasure is Hip Hop and Rap music from the 90s to early 2000s. From Eminem to 50 Cent and 2 Pac, that is the pinnacle of Rap music nothing compared to what is out nowadays.

How much of your sound is influenced by other experiences outside of music, if at all?
My sound is influenced by my background and experiences and the end result is a diverse blend of rhythms and genres. There’s always that Tech House groove with other elements integrated, a clear mood that I want to convey, all well balanced that create a cohesive track. It’s a non-traditional approach to music production. At the end of the day, I stay true to myself and my musical vision, being as authentic as I can.

As your style continues to evolve, are there any genres that you find inspiring that you wish to experiment integrating into your own productions?
I’m not so sure about genres but I have many inspiring elements looking to experiment with. My style encapsulates an approach to challenging norms within the music industry, with a sound from a unique blend of Techno and House. It’s a style that not only sets me apart, but also serves as a testament to my creative freedom. For me, Electronic music production is an expression. It’s really something special to
being able to create these feelings and energies then share it out with the world; delivering an immersive sonic experience.

What do you find feeds your creativity more, is it music from new artists, listening to your favourite tracks or attending live shows?
Attending live shows feeds my creativity and also get to feel the artist’s energy. It’s also a time for me to get to enjoy the Electronic music scene and be on the other side of the decks.

Are you a creature of habit when it comes to your listening tastes, or do you find yourself actively seeking out new music for inspiration?
I have lived in different corners of the world, experiencing various cultures and ways of life. Drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and genres, my musical journey is an exploration of sonic possibilities that transcends borders. I try to push the limits with boundary-pushing productions. I blend diverse rhythms and genres with a distinct signature style, which ultimately resonates with a universal audience and transcending geographical boundaries.

Sometimes inspiration can come from random sources, has there been a moment where an everyday experience or sound has unexpectedly influenced the production of one of your tracks?
My creative process is the same, I usually have a melody or rhythm in my head or written on my phone notes. Other times, I hear a vocal and start to get creative ideas from it. It just depends, and honestly, I try to not get too attached on the initial idea especially during the early stages, knowing that it will likely evolve and change. I have an attention to detail and love for music production which encourages an
immersion in rhythmic explorations.

Wrapping up this interview, we’d like to thank Tony Kay for sharing his story and experiences with us. His journey through the world of Electronic Music is marked by his commitment to authenticity, and his diverse musical influences display a refreshing perspective on the genre and his journey so far, and, as he continues to evolve and experiment within the realm of Electronic Dance music, his uniqueness and passion for music sets him apart from his peers, paving his way to the top of the list of artists to follow closely.

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