In this exclusive EQ Music interview, we delve deep into DJ/Producer Salvione’s musical journey, exploring the artists who have shaped his distinctive sound and the unexpected sources of inspiration that have fueled his creativity. From iconic New York DJs to the serendipitous moments that ignited his passion for Electronic music, Salvione’s story is one of evolution and openness to the diverse influences that shape his sonic landscape.

Join us as we uncover the musical soundscape that defines Salvione’s artistry and drives his ongoing exploration of sound.

Hello Salvione! How are you today?

Hi! I’m doing really well. Thank you for having me

To begin, what artists or producers have had the most influence on your sound and style over the years?

Growing up in the New York City club scene I’d have to say some of New York’s finest in Danny Tenaglia and Victor Calderone. I’ve spent many nights that turned into days listening to these guys, so, to say they haven’t influenced me would be a sin.

There was a stretch of time when Guti’s live performance was my benchmark. I vividly remember losing hope in music at one point thinking everything and everyone just sounds the same, and I caught Guti at a party doing his live set, this was when he would play the keys live. I thought “What is this?!? I need more of this, I need to bring this into my music.” It was so refreshing. The grooves he creates and his musicianship have really made me want to push myself as an artist. I even have his jazz album and saw him perform it live at ADE one year. The guy is just a top talent and a big influence. No question.

I’d also have to say that Nic Fanciulli is another one. His versatility as a DJ is always something I admire. When I was living in Barcelona, summer of 2019, Nic’s Dance or Die set was on repeat every time I would run, before I hopped in the studio. I’d say that set alone really helped shape what my current sound has become.

Was there a specific song or musical work that you heard early on in your musical journey that sparked your initial passion for Electronic Music?

Yeah, I remember my very first night out. Keep in mind; I was more into Hip Hop and Pop as a teenager. It was Jonathan Peters’ Birthday event at the Tropicana, and during his set, he played an acapella version of ‘I Feel Love’ by Donna Summer layered over another track. I distinctly recall him stripping away all the elements, leaving just the vocal, and the crowd went absolutely wild. In that moment, I thought, ‘Wow, this is incredible! I need more of this in my life,’ and the rest is history.

How have your influences changed throughout your musical career?

Throughout my musical journey, my influences have undergone an interesting evolution. Initially, I was heavily immersed in the progressive New York sound and was inspired by those bigger New York DJs at the time like Danny Tenaglia, Victor Calderone, and Jonathan Peters. However, as the Electronic music scene expanded globally and international talent became more accessible in New York, my musical horizons broadened. I witnessed shifts from the Deep House vibes of 2013 to a more Tech House-oriented sound. But one thing has remained constant: my appreciation for good music regardless of genre. I find inspiration in everything, whether it’s a Minimal track, a Techno groove, or any other form of musical expression. The beauty of music is its ability to transcend boundaries, and I’m always eager to explore and draw inspiration from diverse sources.

Your music often blends elements from various genres. Could you share a few non-Electronic artists or genres that have impacted your sound?

Funk and Soul, with their irresistible grooves and soulful vocals, have been a significant influence on my music. These elements resonate deeply with my musical soul. Moreover, the Hip-Hop and R&B genres, which shaped my formative years and continue to inspire me today, have left an indelible mark on my sound. Sometimes, it’s an entire track that sparks my creative drive, while at other times, it’s specific samples within a song that ignite my inspiration. I find myself on a musical treasure hunt, tracking down these gems and weaving them into my own sonic narrative.

Do you find yourself actively seeking new artists and sounds as your production style evolves?

I don’t actively go hunting down new artists but I listen to a lot of different styles. I’m exposed to a lot of different music, and if I hear something new that I like, I will go down the rabbit hole of their collection or of a genre.

Recently, I was reading ‘Greenlights’ by Matthew McConaughey (by the way, it’s a fantastic book, highly recommend it). In the book, McConaughey gushed about his love for African blues artist Ali Farka Toure. His passion was so contagious that I thought, ‘Why not give this a shot?’ I listened to Toure’s music, and it just clicked. I found myself delving deep into his albums. Nowadays, his rhythms and sounds are a regular source of inspiration for me.

So, in a way, I let new artists and sounds come to me rather than actively seeking them out. It’s all about staying open to what music has to offer.

What DJs and Producers have you been listening to recently? Are there any newcomers to the scene that have sparked inspiration for you?

I’ve got to say, lately, I’ve been absolutely loving Anotr. Their sound is like a breath of fresh air. You know how Funk and Soul vibes resonate with me, and watching how they weave those elements into their music has been a constant source of inspiration. Actually, caught them live at DC10 during Solid Grooves, and they absolutely tore the place up. Can’t wait to see them again at ADE.

Now, let’s talk about some newcomers who’ve been lighting up the scene – Truth X Lies. They’re bringing in a sound that’s different and it’s fun. Honestly, everything they have touched has been on fire lately plus, they’re great guys.

I wouldn’t necessarily label RSquared as newcomers, at least not from my perspective, because I’ve been following their productions for a while. However, right now, they’re really taking off, and it’s well-deserved. Their sound is unique, fun, funky, and groovy. Iglesias has been in the scene for a bit, particularly with Woodlands, and I’m currently vibing with his music too.

When it comes to your productions, do you ever draw inspiration from experiences outside of music, such as films, art, or literature?

Absolutely, inspiration comes to me from all sorts of places beyond the music world. I’ve got this thing for documentaries, especially those exploring music. They’re like gold mines for spoken word samples. Whenever I hear a captivating quote or dialogue, I snap a quick pic of the TV screen or jot down the time and what was said – it’s like collecting these creative nuggets.

Books are another source of musical inspiration. Sometimes, when an author mentions a certain artist or song, it sparks my curiosity, leading me on a whole new musical journey as I mentioned before.

And living in New York is a constant source of inspiration. The bustling streets, diverse people, talented subway performers, and vibrant street art scenes – it’s like being in a perpetual state of creative buzz. If you’re open to it, the city offers an endless well of ideas, and I’m all in for the experience.

Over the years, how have you found your musical influences – is it from actively searching or has it been more of natural process?

Over the years, my journey of discovering musical influences has truly been an organic and natural process, much like the captivating Ali Farka Toure story I shared earlier.

You see, I’ve always believed that the best inspiration often comes when you least expect it. I’m not one to embark on intensive, deliberate searches for new artists or sounds. Instead, I prefer to remain open to the musical universe, embracing it as it naturally comes my way.

As you continue developing your sound, are there any genres that you have yet to explore that you would like to experiment with integrating into your sound?

You never really know what might spark the next phase of my musical journey. But off the top of my head, I’ve been intrigued by the idea of diving into a bit of Folk Rock. I recently watched a documentary about the artist Rodriguez called ‘Searching for Sugar Man,’ and his story blew me away! It’s such an incredible tale that I feel like I might have to explore his music for inspiration.

Of course, beyond that, it’s always a surprise where my musical path will lead. I believe the best music often comes to you when you’re not looking for it.

As we conclude our journey through the musical influences and creative inspirations that have shaped Salvione’s remarkable career, one thing becomes clear: his openness to the unexpected, and his driving passion for music continue to guide his evolution as an artist. From the iconic sounds of New York to the captivating narratives found in documentaries and literature, Salvione’s ability to draw inspiration from the world around him is evidence to the boundless nature of creativity. We look forward to witnessing the exciting directions his music will take, as he remains open to new and vibrant influences that define his signature style.

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