Today, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Meetch, an emerging talent in EDM. In this exclusive interview, we’ll talk and explore the musical influences and experiences that have played a major role in shaping Meetch’s unique production style and musical journey; going from pop-punk, emo to dance music and productions from the likes of Madeon and Zedd, Meetch shaes a glimpse into the music that influences him. So, without further ado, this is what he said.

Hey Meetch! How are you?
Very good! Thanks for having me take part in this interview!

Tell us, which artists would say have had the most influential impact on your production style.
Two of my favorite artists are Zedd & Madeon. I have loved Zedd’s electro-house years back and Madeon has this electro disco sound that I have always enjoyed. His live shows are insanely good.

Which genres, outside of Electronic Music do you enjoy exploring and listening to?
I love metal and pop-punk music. I really just love rock-n-roll in all forms. But honestly, my emo phase never went away.

Do you ever find inspiration from sources outside of music, such as films, art, or literature?
Well, I do love movies a lot and always love to see a brand-new horror film or physiological thriller. There are moments in movies where the music and effects and change the vibe of the scene in a split second, I always wanted to make a big show of mine have a horror touch to it. I want to use cinematic effects within songs and transitions to shift the vibe within a setlist. Whether it’s a genre change or a tempo
change, I really like to imagine I’m going to figure out something epic eventually in melding the two!

How have your musical inspirations changed as you have evolved as an artist?
Well, there is just so much good music and so many artists, that it’s fun to explore and see new tracks that are coming out. I wouldn’t say the inspirations changed, because that’s what I always loved, and those artists have adapted to the more popular music trends and I like to hear the old sounds still be a part of their new music. Zedd, for example, still uses a lot of electro-house elements in his music even though it’s a lot more radio and mainstream.

Do you ever take inspiration from your own personal experiences? If so, how do you integrate this into your productions?
I like to inspire myself by thinking of all of the years I’ve been performing, and doing shows and look back at them comparing it to what I do now. I really have seen some insane progress in myself and that’s the type of thoughts and experiences that inspire me.

Can you recall any live events over the years that have been particularly inspiring for you? If so, could you share with us a few and why you found them to be so memorable?
There have been many, many incredible shows I’ve played over the years. There was one venue in NYC called Amazura Music Hall and that has been my ultimate favorite venue to play at. That was my first really big stage, and once I played there once, I started to get booked there multiple other times. Each time, the crowd was massive and the show was great. Another memorable experience was all of the boat
parties I played on before moving to Los Angeles. I have always had good crowd control on those and get people excited. One of my biggest boat shows, I got the entire boat to sit down as the song built up and when it dropped, the crowd went crazy. The best thing, is that I have video of that!

How do you think that your influences shape your sound?
Well, since I still love going to rock shows, I really want to blend together dance music and rock. I know a lot of artists do that already, but I want to find something new that people won’t expect. During my shows, I always throw in some older popular throwback emo songs and the crowd ALWAYS sings along and goes crazy. So, I definitely have an area that I need to tap into a little more for sure.

Many artists have a “guilty pleasure” genre or artist that they secretly enjoy. Are you brave enough to share with us yours?
I would just say that pop-punk and screamo are definitely my top genres of music.

Are there any standout albums that have been particularly influential to you over the course of your musical journey?
“True Colors” by Zedd, was my favorite album. I remember I got as a CD for a stocking stuffer during Christmas. So many good songs on that album and I think my favorite part is how the song, Bumble Bee, was a switch and huge Electro-House track like his old stuff. Zedd is still one of my top favorite artists because I love how he keeps the Electro-House elements in almost all of his music now.

We finish this interview, thanking Meetch for his time and openess sharing some of the names and genres that have helped shape his signature style and sound; and as he keeps exploring and experimenting with music, one thing’s sure, he’ll continue conquering new dancefloors and stages with his unique style and powerful talent, so make sure to follow him across social media to remain updated on his latest projects and adventures.

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