By Mandy Rogers

If I were asked to make comment on Welsh electro pop music, my first thoughts would naturally turn to our English singing friend Bright Light Bright Light or Marina. However, it is a rare find to discover something just as dance contemporary but also sung in the Welsh native tongue.

Cardiff based duo Clinigol allow their heritage to shine, transcending language barriers and go on to prove that good pop stands up on it’s own merits regardless of it’s origin. In some extreme cases you might also see this rule applied to some of the Eurovision entries, errrr possibly…….

Clinigol though, are a dab hand at it! Take a listen to the full shimmering splendour on “Gwna Beth Sydd Rhaid” sure it sounds rather crazily like Kylie singing backwards, but it’s definitely primed, danceable and a deliciously tune worthy experience nonetheless.


Gwna Beth Sydd Rhaid” is plucked from Clinigol’s sophomore album “Discopolis”.

Having now heard that quite stellar pop offering from Clinigol, throw caution to the wind and expand your mind into the full beauty of the music.  Go grab a further taste of the curious yet mesmerising blend of massive dance ready beats that come together to form an intriguingly contemporary collection of tracks. Listen to and download if you like the “Discopolis” mini mix album sampler.

Discopolis - Clinigol