So I woke up in a rank mood today at 6am.  Maybe there was a loose spring in my mattress or something but it was just one of those mornings where I knew it was going to be a BAD day…

So I decided to try and turn the day around by playing the Bubbles and Cheesecake promo CD that the postman delivered yesterday.  What did I have to lose?  Besides those zany women having been making the rounds on a few excellento blogs lately and there is a sublime buzz building around these "DIY" ladies – so why not take a listen on the iPod on the way to work eh?

Wow – just wow.  I found myself proclaiming ‘It’s A Woman Thang’ right alongside B&C this morning.  ‘I Confess’ is also a funky dory track but the lovely and downtempo ‘Girl In Lust’ is so beautifully quirky – it will bring a little sniff sniff to your heart.  ‘Cryin Lovin Leavin’ is also an uberfab tune so 4 out of 4 today ladies!  I completely forgot that I was supposed to be having a bad day and I will remember that when I need a little "lift me up" that the prescription of the day is definitley a generous dose of Bubbles and Cheesecake.

Check out the songs I just raved about over on their MySpace and you might even enjoy their zany video to ‘It’s A Woman Thang’ over on their colourful website.

Thanks to the lovely Nicole for bringing these ladies to my attention.